Banu Altay daily sabah interview


The long, gloomy winter is nearly at a close and spring is just around the corner. If you want your homes and offices to reflect the changing seasons, think about taking advice of an interior designer

The snowy days are nearly over. In a few weeks, the beauty of spring will come again. The atmosphere in our homes and offices are very important as well as the warming weather. The power and significance of colors, furniture style and arrangement and lighting are what seal the success of the spaces we live in.

One of the most distinguished names in our country in interior design and architecture is Banu Altay. A graduate of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Altay is the founder of the Sia Moore Architecture Interior Design Company. She has delivered services to a number of high-level companies and private individuals, completing award-winning projects overseas. Altay has successfully contributed to the design and implementation of famous palaces, private manors and social facilities of statesmen in Libya, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Qatar and northern Iraq. She ranked the 267th in 2015 in the “500 Great Service Exporters of Turkey” research project , organized in 2016 by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly. Despite her great success, she is a modest individual and a real lady. We spoke to her about the decoration trends in 2017 and special designs for the spring months.

According to Altay, the desire to return to a natural and serene life will show itself in 2017 in the field of decoration as it will in other aspects of life as well. Particularly, serene details, like natural, terra-cotta materials, such as brick and roof tiles as well as bronze, copper, brass and natural marble textures, which have some of the elements we are bound to often encounter this year. Further, non-treated and unpolished wooden furniture as well as furniture and accessories fitted with roped yarn, pebbles, wood logs and copper pipes will be preferred to create a natural and cozy atmosphere. Mentioning that the most important decoration trends this year also include the preservation and utilization of traditional values, Altay thinks that it will be possible to see handcrafts, such as ceramics, tiles, knitting as well as lace work, chinaware, mother-of-pearl objects and glassware products more often than before.

Stating that Pantone, the international color authority, has defined “greenery” as the trend color this year, Altay said that “Pantone thinks that the green color is abundantly available in nature andwill bring us together in peace, despite the turmoil in the age we live in. Dark green and all green shades that will supplement the white, beige and cream tones as a base color will be the star of 2017. In particular, emerald, mountain and lime green are the accent colors we will see that this year. In addition, dark blue, spicy red, purple and damson shades will also appear as attractive tones.”

Underlining the importance of the effects of colors used in decoration on human psychology, Altay said, “The green color shades blend the balance and harmony from nature and create relaxing and restful effects. With its refreshing effect, red shades evoke motivation, energy, passion and the joy of living. Dark blue shades are the colors of order, harmony, spirituality and success. Yellow shades allow for smart management solutions by reflecting the positive effects of the sun. Orange shades enhance the skill of dialogue and humor with its energizing and stirring effect.”

As I asked about one of my personal favorites, purple, Altay gave me an answer that did not surprise me at all, “Characterized by creative and intellectual qualities, the purple shades represent nobility and art. Historically, this color was made from a dye that only the wealthy could afford, as it was the most difficult color to find in nature. Black shades neutralize the objects that distract perception, therefore increasing concentration in humans, as they lock in and break up the light. The white shades are representative of pureness, cleanliness, nobleness, innocence and permanence. It arouses the sense of peace, happiness and confidence while enhancing the power of thinking. Blue shades create a relaxing and soothing effect as they symbolize the peace from the sea and the vastness from the sky. The pink shades have an impact in creating positive emotions and dreams, thanks to the soft effect they create.” As you can see, colors have their own language and way of affecting our lives. Impressive, isn’t it? No matter what color calls you, I wish that all colors bring a positive energy to your life and I recommend that you stay with the 2017 decoration trends.