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Büyükyalı Loft

BUILDING AREA : 150,00 m²

Overlooking the historic city of İstanbul, amongst the 19th century architecture, the Büyükyalı Loft project offers a contemporary life embedded in luxury and comfort. Featuring floor to ceiling windows and breathtaking Bosphorus views, the spacious interiors of Büyükyalı Loft pays homage to the outstanding landscape of its’ urban surrounding.

Design purpose of the project was to provide the clients with a refined aesthetic; a timeless design crafted with attention to small details. All 150 square meter of the space span across three bedrooms, a living room and three bathrooms that are executed with an exquisite taste of luxury.

Upon entering the Loft, guests are welcomed by white marble-clad entrance hall with contrasting black geometric shapes and a striking sideboard with brass details accompanied by wall-size mirror.

The Client’s design brief was to create a modern space that combines elegance with high-end luxury.

Modern Luxury

With its wide usage area, the living room and dining room allow guests to be welcomed comfortably. An aesthetic and stylish appearance is provided with the brass detail in the design where cream beige, white and wooden tones are dominant. Green plants and live flowers, which are highly preferred in the design of Büyükyalı Loft, have created a warm and cozy atmosphere by breaking the cold effect of marble.

It creates a luxurious look with lines and quilted details in blue tones on the chairs and armchairs in the living room. While decorative accessories add a modern atmosphere to the library; side and middle tables with glass top have the characteristics of a flamboyant and aesthetic touch. In this common area, it is aimed that all family members can be together and comfortable.

For the Master Bedroom, the modern luxurious style bedside and furniture used in the bedroom provided a balanced and stylish look with up-to-date chandeliers and decorative accessories. Niches are placed on the walls on both sides of the bed and are sized with a mirror.

Marble is dominant in the entire master bathroom. The effects of luxurious modern style are demonstrated here by the brass applique lamp and tap heads. 

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