Almaty Villa

BUILDING AREA : 150,00 m²

Modern Style

The Almaty Villa was designed for a large family who wishes to live at a detached house, located outside the city center, at the outskirts of Kazakhastan. In order to realize Client’s requests, every detail has been carefully thought-out; the peace, comfort and luxury have been provided to the Customer with all the features of modern architecture.

While entrance floor stands out with its’ open-plan spaces, several other rational solutions are produced to establish privacy at Villa’s first floor.

The ground floor presents the perfect family area with a dining room, a guest area with dining room, a hot kitchen and a cold kitchen, a bedroom with a personal bath and dressing room.

The second floor consists of three bedrooms with personal dressing room and bathrooms, a master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom.

An important aspect of the project was to maintain the privacy of each and every member of the family.

Most of the spaces in the basement are designed as activity areas where family members of all ages can spend pleasant time together. Basement floor includes; a gym area, swimming pool, Turkish Bath, sauna, playing room, maid’s bedroom and laundry.

Contrasting Colors

The light and the contrasting colors have been chosen according to the functions of each space. The furniture used in the interior design reflects the overall decoration goal, to create a modern comfortable  yet luxurious atmosphere.

By using linear elements inside the villa, each space have been rendered dimensional and so, space balances and focal points are made clear.

Combination of Wood and Marble

As they vary in texture and color, the wooden elements used both at the exterior and interior of the Almaty Villa, provided functionality and a mid-century country décor feel to the design.

Another statement material used in the villa is marble. Accompanied by wood and its traditional natural look, marble furnishes a modern design.

Almaty Villa offers exclusive, functional and airy living spaces, acquiring high-end marble materials and wooden works which are accompanied by luxury custom-made furniture, forming the perfect family home.

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