BUILDING AREA : 2,550.00 m²

Marble Fascination

The classic-style Abu Dhabi Villa in Lebanon spreads over 2,550.00 m² and consists of two floors. Abu Dhabi Villa, where marble, which attracts attention with its elegance, combines with pastel tones, reflects the neo-classical and luxurious modern style. It is designed for a small family who want to live in a detached house located outside the city center on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

It reflects all the features of spacious, bright and luxurious interior architecture. In the interior, the sharp lines in the luxurious modern style are softened by the curved furniture pieces and are seen as intertwined with the neoclassical style. Spacious and large windows, the use of marble on the floors and walls reflect the luxurious modern style, while the accessories and furniture show a neo-classical style.

It emphasizes the neo-classical style with its quilted detail on the armchairs and chairs and its simple design. Brass details and sparkling stones in the chandeliers reflect the luxurious modern style. It shows the nobility and elegance with its color palette in cream, beige, blue and earth tones that dominate the interior design.

On the ground floor; there is an entrance hall in which the modern design is colored with orientalist patterned accessories, a bright and spacious multi-functional living room and an elegant and stylish dining room separated by a half partition in the living room. The use of mirrors makes the place look bigger than it is.

Modern Luxury

With its wide usage area, the living room and dining room allow guests to be welcomed comfortably. An aesthetic and stylish appearance is provided with the brass detail in the design where cream tone is dominant. Green plants and live flowers, which are highly preferred in the design of Abu Dhabi Villa, have created a warm and cozy atmosphere by breaking the cold effect of marble.

Upstairs; There is a luxurious bedroom, dressing room, ensuite bathroom and second living room. The neo-classical style bed and furniture used in the bedroom provided a balanced and stylish look with luxurious modern chandeliers and decorative accessories. Niches are placed on the walls on both sides of the bed and are sized with a mirror.

Marble is dominant in the entire master bathroom. The effects of luxurious modern style are demonstrated here by the brass applique lamp and tap heads. The dressing room opposite the bathroom is designed in functional and light colors. The pouffe placed in the center of the room softened the sharp line in the space and created an aesthetic appearance.

It creates a luxurious look with lines and quilted details in blue tones on the chairs and armchairs in the living room. While decorative accessories add a modern atmosphere to the library; side and middle tables with glass top have the characteristics of a flamboyant and aesthetic touch. In this common area, it is aimed that all family members can be together and comfortable.

Abu Dhabi Villa, designed in a modern style, also carries the attractive reflections of the classical style.

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