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planty cafe

BUILDING AREA : 295,00 m²

Located in the heart of İstanbul’s hip third way coffee shop avenues; Planty Cafe offers a piece of heaven with its one-of-a-kind plant based and environment friendly concept design. While a house full of steel frame may sound dry and heavy, the impression of Planty Café comes from impromptu hanging plant pots, conjuring up a vision of a dreamlike atmosphere.

Environment Friendly & Plant-Based Design

The design aimed for an exclusive place that brings guests enjoyment from both coffee fragrance and picturesque green surroundings. The facade of this shop intermingles large pieces of glass with steel frames. Random as the placement may be, it is still decorative and harmonious. Simple cement walls separate the pavement from indoor space. In order to minimize heavy feelings of cement, plants are considered an optimal solution that synchronizes with the indoor environment.

Planty Cafe offers an artistic expression in its industrial design language, void spaces and design principles that break from original coffee house features. The color tone of the shop synchronizes with white-gray color from cement blended with wood color and black color from steel frames.

Green elements along the space is another beautiful emphasis. Planty Cafe is the forgotten Hanging Gardens of Babylon which is partly replicated now. Plain and rough cement background brings the unexplainable brightness and highlights interior furniture. This background is lightweight yet modern.

Capturing the Magical Green

Colors from different objects are combined perfectly in order to create a harmonious environment. On this floor is a small pond with lively aquatic plants right under the staircase. Planty Café large spacious open areas that is suitable for those who want to focus on their work or come up with brilliant ideas. Yellow lighting, green layers, and white brick walls make this area attractive.

Planty Cafe provides moments full of serenity, joy and peace to its visitors. Various styles have been used to decorate the cafe, modern, industrial and minimal touches meet with rustic elements which creates a tremendous atmosphere.

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