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I have a long and narrow living room, how should I decorate it?

  • Focus on creating a style that is comfortable, functional and intimate when decorating narrow living rooms. You can create a relaxing atmosphere by using a wide, comfy couch and different light sources. I recommend you use bright and neutral tones and avoid fabrics with large prints and unnecessary furniture.
  • In order to make full use of the daylight, use thin, light-colored curtains instead of thick ones. Also use multiple light sources such as lamp shades, floor lamps, spot lights etc. together.
  • If you prefer a rectangular-shaped material for floor coverings and apply them towards the windows that are the natural source of light, your place will look more spacious than it is.
  • If you install inverted hidden lights in your ceilings, they will reflect off the walls and redirect your perception of narrowness so that you can feel like the room is more spacious.
  • You can also use different textures and colors on wall surfaces to create a warm atmosphere. You can make one of the longer walls look different with darker tones via paint, wallpaper or faux brick panels to add a sense of depth.

I like the rustic style, how can I make my bathroom match it?
I recommend you use materials with a natural look to create the rustic feeling. The essentials of this style are ceramic floor and wall tiles, application of wood and natural stone together, and accessories with an antique look.

Here are some tips for your rustic-style bathroom.

  • Worn or untreated wooden bathroom closets, mirror frames and shelves
  • Countertop stone or wooden vessel sinks
  • Vintage or antique-looking sinks and bathtub faucets
  • Clawfoot bathtubs
  • Decorative metal panels or flower paintings hanging on walls
  • Dried flowers, terracotta flower pots and aluminum buckets
  • Ethnic bath mats and woven rugs
  • Wooden toilet seat covers
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