Sia Moore - House eatiful
Sia Moore - House eatiful


From green roofs to renewable energy solutions, architect Banu Altay, founder of Deco Moore Studio, is turning sustainability into an art form

Architect Banu Altay knows that true luxury means not having to choose between aesthetics and your values. As the founder of esteemed London design studio Deco Moore, Banu's visionary approach focuses on the intersection of luxury and sustainability. And the holistic merging of these two pillars is the common thread through all her projects, which include houses, commercial properties, five-star hotels and even private Middle Eastern palaces.

'Sustainability and luxury architecture can go hand in hand,' Banu explains. Also known as eco luxury or ethical luxury, the concept offers high-end finishes that minimise the negative impact on society and the environment.



One example of this type of architecture is the use of green roofs-which are covered in vegetation to help to insulate, reduce stormwater runoff and provide habitats for wildlife such as birds and insects'. Another is the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or geothermal heating and cooling systems, to reduce the building's carbon footprint.

Banu says her Deco Moore customers have been eager to embrace the philosophy. "They love to follow sustainability trends,' she says, adding that ethical luxury is gaining momentum as consumers become more conscious about the implications of their consumption.

Some of Deco Moore's most popular project requests include measures to increase energy efficiency, indoor air quality and water conservation, maximise High-end finishes come as standard Conserving water is a focus natural light and reduce waste, as well as a demand for the use of recyclable materials wherever possible. All this is further enhanced by the capabilities of smart technology to help streamline operations.


Being eco aware at the design stage can pay off in a number of ways long term, including reducing the cost of running your home and having certificates to prove it. "There are various green building certifications, such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), which assess and verify the sustainability performance of homes, Banu explains. A document like this can be extremely useful when the time comes to sell your home to an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

So, will your next renovation be an ethical-luxury one? "These homes are not only premium in design but contribute to a responsible way of living while also potentially reducing utility costs, Banu says. We think that's three reasons to say yes.

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