Sia Moore - Hello
Sia Moore - Hello

Moore Than Meets The Eye

Meet The Leading architect who takes a maximalist approach

Established in 2020 by Turkish architect Banu Altay, Deco Moore Studio has transformed the interiors of locations across the world, including the eclectic five-star Mondrian Doha hotel. And now the award-winning group has established a UK website and a new home on London's Fulham Road, giving customers access to its boho-inspired furniture and accessories.

"Buying better and buying less has become our motto, especially as we all look to shop more sustainably," says Banu. "We've seen a huge rise in demand for craftsmanship and artisanal wares." True to Deco Moore Studio's vision, Banu declares that cool grey tones and minimalism are on the way out, instead welcoming "expressive accessories, mood-boosting wallpaper patterns and statement-making furniture". For an instant update, she recommends "accessorising with unique pieces of art and classical sculptures for a sophisticated look".


"There has been a departure from toned-down and minimalist design towards a more expressive, layered approach'

Banu Altay, founder of Deco Moore Studio

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