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WORLD’S BEST 2014-2015 – IRAQ

Sia Moore is a multidisciplinary design consultancy, architecture and interior design company based in Istanbul. Turkey with the recent addition of an international office in Dubai. Its design team comes from a broad range of backgrounds which enables the company to operate effectively across many different types of project. These include luxury houses, mansions, hotels, commercial and social buildings, sports buildings design and interiors.

Sia Moore has been commissioned by many high profile clients including turnkey projects all over the world. The company believes in supporting Turkish design and manufacturing and endeavours to incorporate products made in Turkey within its projects wherever possible. Its award-winning development. Hewa Holding Main Office Building, is in the historic city of Arbil in Iraq. As the capital of northern Iraq. Arbil is developing day by day and growing business centres throughout the city. Its goal is to become one of the Middle East’s trade and production centres, thus opening a new and exciting door for architecture.

The client’s brief required that the Hewa Holding Main Office Building should feature an elegant and modern architectural style across the entire 4,000m2 development. Sia Moore has carefully considered all the necessary office essentials within its eco-sensitive design and placed great importance on psychological needs of those within the workplace. According to the different requirements of its various sections, spaces have been designed for optimum comfort as well as for practicality of use. Materials and colour options have also been changed to suit each area’s specific purpose.

Although simple and straightforward, the office building is both impressive and luxurious with high quality materials used to complement its contemporary design. However, the most important feature of the office space is that it has been designed to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the multiple employees. The users naturally have certain expectations of their office space and see its function and scale with a changing vision as the future progresses. Sia Moore therefore believes that, in the process of design, it is necessary to try to adopt a flexible division of space. There also has to be a clear understanding and use of the position and outer space of architectural columns.

The company believes that there are currently three main factors that govern the design concept of office space. These are team space, public space and personal space. In addition, the design of office buildings should also place great importance on the utility and ultimate efficiency of the space. Having carefully considered its client’s requests. Sia Moore has combined the best elements of these requirements with its own unique architectural design expression.

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