Mediterranean Enterprise Awards

September 2017

Best Architecture Design Company – Turkey

Sia & Moore Architecture-Interior Design is a multidisciplinary design consultancy, architecture and interior design company based in Istanbul. We spoke to the firm Architect and Co-Founder Mrs. Banu Altay to discover more about the firm and the excellent services it provides to clients.

Sia & Moore Architecture Interior Design is a global brand, commissioned by many high profile clients including the turn-key projects from A to Z in all over the world. In addition to the projects that have been completed in different regions of Turkey, the company has successfully completed projects in many countries with different cultures, such as Doha/Qatar, Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia, Sulaymaniyah & Erbil/Iraq, Kyrenia/Cyprus, Dubai/ UAE, St. Petersburg/Russia, Batum/Georgia, Ashgabad/ Turkmenistan, and Sirte/Libya.

The firm provides clients with many services, including architectural projects, interior design and decoration works, concept design as well as 3D visual designs. It also offers a range of other services including, application supervision, project management, mechanical, electrical and static implementation of projects and the provision of different disciplines such as the landscape, as well as turn-key projects. Banu details how it feels to have won this award.

“Fundamentally, we are very proud to win this awards. Winning these awards, of course, has made us feel very honored that the projects we are designing are being appreciated by taking place in the competitions among other worldwide projects.

“The satisfaction of our customers and the organizations that believed in us motivate us day by day to raise the level of our ambitions, and of course we design and construct with maximum attention and rigidity to the finest details with our professional team in all our projects in both phases; design and application.”

Successful companies are usually built on strong foundations. To motivate their staff, the company sets out an overall mission which employees work hard to achieve. Banu outlines the firm’s overall mission below.

“Sia & Moore is a company that follows innovations, does not repeat itself, stands behind its words, cares about the values of its customers and aims to sign different types of projects in countries with different cultures around the world beside their own country.

“On the whole, we aim to create projects that appeal to nature and human by following the technology without missing the artistic touch. We will always be in the effort of signing tomorrow with projects that transcend borders. Without losing the free spirit of architecture, being in architecture and design universal contributions, Sia & Moore has risen to become one of the well-respected firm in the industry which will always be our priority and inspiration source.”

Architecture firms have to work hard to attract the best business and clients. Banu explains what differentiates the company other similar firms within the architecture industry, highlighting the passion that staff possess about their work and respect they pay to the client.

“Understanding the values of our customers in our designs, we are trying to keep the clients satisfaction at the highest level by adding our own comments to their requests. In order to truly differentiate we can’t sound the same as we always have or like everyone else, that is why we always try to develop new strategies. differentiation requires thinking outside your current box and potentially changing course completely.

“Staff is passionate about our works and is happy while working. All clients are treated like family, contributing to a great culture at the firm, both internally and externally. The company is innovative and makes sure it does not repeat itself, as well as delivering on the promises it makes and cares about client’s values.”

Technology is becoming increasingly dominant in all industries; however, it is particularly relevant within architecture. Becoming more environmentally friendly is something that Banu is keen to point out, as well as looking forward to the future, noting living spaces under water.

“In our world where technological possibilities are increasing and where the fact that innovations in every field are rapidly consumed, architecture will also pursue new quests. For example, the idea of making living spaces under water which is being discussed these days. The use of glass is the architectural tend to be used more in the future as the connection with the environment increases to the maximum. The ornamentation and exaggeration of the nowadays architecture will leave place to a more lean, efficient, functional structure in the future. Increasing ecological awareness will also manifest itself in architecture. The use of recycled materials in office and residential buildings, more use of solar energy, even wooden skyscrapers are on the agenda as architectural ideas that will lead the future.

“In the field of decoration, Pantone, the international colour authority, set trend colour as ‘GREENERY’ this year. According to Pantone, the green colour found abundantly in nature, stubbornness to the complexity we are facing this age, priors to make us relaxed. All green tones as dark grey completed with white colour as base, delicate and cream tones, will be the star of 2017. Especially with emerald green, oil greens and lemon green, will be the colours that we will frequently see this year.”

Having already alluded to the fact that staff are passionate about their work in a happy environment, Banu describes the internal culture firm, showcasing how staff work as a team as they look to provide the best possible service. Boasting a wealth of experience, as well as being disciplined, the team at Sia & Moore is poised to catapult the company into the future, becoming a market leader.

“Regarding customer interaction and the culture at the firm, Sia & Moore offers them a lifestyle in addition to design services. As a team, we are designing sincere and comfortable living spaces, our goal is to do our job happily and to serve our clients with pleasure. All our team are experienced, disciplined and meticulous in their fields, and they are supported to improve themselves both in theory and practice by trainings, domestic / international fair visits and conferences.”

Looking ahead, the future looks bright for Sia & Moore. With a well-established team and innovative ideas, the company can look to capitalise on its current success, as Banu concludes.

“Ultimately, we have successfully completed luxurious houses, private palaces and hotel projects in general, after that in the fields that we are experts in, one of our primary goals is to take place in different types of projects in various countries of the world with many cultures.”

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