"JULY 2023"


Sia Moore - Hello UK
Sia Moore - Hello UK


Established in 2009 by Turkish architect Banu Altay, Deco Moore Studio has transformed the interiors of locations across the world, including the eclectic five-star Mondrian Doha hotel. And now the award-winning group has established a UK website and a new home in Chelsea, giving customers access to its boho-inspired homeware and furniture. Tucked away on a corner on Fulham Road in West London, the Deco Moore Studio store boasts a vibrant collection of custom-made furniture, upholstery and accessories. Across the range, you'll find embroidered cushions made from sustainable cotton, colourful plate sets in bold blue and white and soft knitted throws to decorate armchairs and sofas. Chic wicker baskets in neutral shades of brown, taupe and cream offer a stylish solution to your storage needs, while a range of Roman- inspired mini busts and sculptures will add a sophisticated touch to any shelf or mantelpiece. Whether you're seeking to reinvent your interiors or just want to refresh a space for summer, Deco Moore Studio is renowned for providing a unique and personalised service for every customer. Deco Moore Studio is available for architectural and interiors projects, concept design, decoration and accessories. To discover the full collection of products, visit decomoorestudio.co.uk. You can also visit the studio at 94-96 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6HS (open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 5.30pm).

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