"JULY 2023"


Sia Moore - Hello UK
Sia Moore - Hello UK

'We want to create meaningful interiors filled with unique objects and joyful, colourful decorating that evokes happiness'


Meet the leading architect with designs on your space

From maximalism to 1970s nostalgia, inspiration is never hard to find for architect and founder of Deco Moore Studio Banu Altay. Hailing from Turkey, Banu set up her company in 2009 with an aim to reinvent living spaces through luxurious marble surfaces, statement furniture and stylish accessories, shown in her interior design projects (pictured left). "Buying better and buying less has become our motto, especially as we all look to shop more sustainably," she says. "We've seen a huge rise in demand for craftsmanship and artisanal wares."

For autumn, this means the return of boho chic and "wicker rugs and rattan daybeds", while "organic fabrics and natural materials, like marble, concrete, wood and bamboo are becoming more popular".

And, Banu adds: "Earth tones are still dominating," with shades of beige, brown and cream making a comeback from the 1990s. Update them with accents of peach and terracotta. As for the finishing touch: "Accessorise with unique pieces of art andclassical sculptures for a sophisticated look. Polished silver will lend refinement and glamour to any space."

Deco Moore Studio is available for architectural and interiors projects, concept design and sourcing decorations and accessories. To discover the full collection of products, visit decomoorestudio.co.uk or visit the studio at 94-96 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6HS (open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 5.30pm).


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