Top 5 Ideas for Bookshelf Decoration

Make sure to read these five ideas to organize your library, shelf bookcase and wall-mounted bookshelves with modern and sparkling accessories!

Our habits shape the axis of our daily life. We plan our days, hours and even minutes according to our habits and allocate time for ourselves. In fact, we design the interior design and decoration of the house we live in in line with our habits. Reading, which is one of these habits, stimulates the imagination of the human being and affects personal development positively. Besides, it allows you to get lost in different worlds. Just like, Jeanatte Winterson said, “Books are like doors. Once you open it, you will move on to a completely different world. " We need bookcases to keep the books we read and will read in order while decorating our homes. Let's discover how to organize bookshelves and decorate them with unique and unique accessories!

1) Reading corner

You need to create a peaceful and calm library design so that you can focus comfortably on the book in front of you. In order to create a warm library atmosphere, you should carefully select and combine lighting, wall paint, furniture and accessories. You can choose any of the spot, floor lamp, lamp shade or candle options for your bookcase or library lighting. With the right lighting, the doors of your library will be opened to the worlds you read!

You can also paint your walls on a dark floor to highlight the different colors and textures in your library! Different shades of gray, anthracite, brown and Kelly green will create a contrasting backdrop to the vibrant colors in your library, revealing the subtlety of your design perception.

2) Make room for accessories!

Recently, bookcases or wall-mounted shelf systems have begun to replace TV units and sometimes even televisions, despite the rapid development of digital technologies. Families who do not want to have televisions in their living rooms choose to install bookcases on the living room walls.

In order to design your book shelves of different sizes and shapes more elegant, you can use decorative objects in your library besides your books; You can include flower pots, trinkets, busts and candles. If you prefer a luxurious bookcase design, choose silver candlesticks, marble sculptures and mirrored decorative objects! We suggest you keep your photo frames with your loved ones and family from your library shelves!

3) Organizing Books by Color

By using book covers, you can get a unique color on each shelf. It is possible to make your bookshelf more enjoyable with creative designs by shaping the shelves from light to dark as you wish. For example, you can sort your books according to the colors of the rainbow. By separating and arranging warm colors and cold colors, you can achieve a very aesthetic result. When you take care of the harmony between colors, you will be pleased with the resulting picture!

4) Arrangement According to Height Order

It is one of the organizing ideas often used by those who own books of all sizes and genres. Books in order from large to small or from small to large can provide an aesthetic appearance. And the books you list from subtle to natural can change your perspective.
In addition, if your library is full and you have no books left, you can place your books on top of each other as you wish in areas such as coffee tables, nightstands and showcases.

5) The library in your dining room

Open floor plans provide the transition between different spaces and create a holistic perception in the design. You may want to add a library to your multi-purpose functional space where living room and dining room are together. You can choose the bookcase shelves extending to the ceiling to show the space wider than it is and combine it with the magnificent design of your dining room. You can also hang a large table next to the shelves to make your library stand out. If you want to achieve rustic decoration, you can use a wooden staircase both decorative and functional.



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