Blue meets White: Bleu Blanc

Rediscover your home, office, interior design decorations with Bleu Blanc, which includes peaceful shades of blue and white!

We have compiled for you how to use blue blanc vases, plates and porcelain objects, which are very prominent in interior design projects and home decoration trends recently.

Blue Blanc's journey from Asia to Europe

It is thought that Bleu Blanc's journey to the present day started in Mesopotamia. Basraian craftsmen began to produce blue and white porcelain objects inspired by Chinese stonework.

Chinese ceramics, the most advanced in the world, were produced for the imperial palace, domestic market or export. The most primitive form of bleu-blancs, dating back to 1351, is known as temple vases. These bleu blancs are thought to have come about by applying the underglaze painting technique on porcelain. Cobalt blue, which is supposed to come to China from Iran via the sea route, is processed into porcelain with the paint technique, glazed and baked and reaches the form of blue-white porcelain.

Floral motifs

In the first period of its production, porcelain was used in temples and from time to time in funerals in China, and Europe's meeting with the mystical and oriental Bleu Blanc took place through trade routes. Bleu blancs produced by Chinese craftsmen to meet Middle Eastern market demands; It carried floral, dragon and wave motifs.

Large dining tables were decorated with Islamic metalwork or geometric patterns often used in architectural decoration. Bleu blancs, which have an important place in decoration from the past to the present, were ordered to the craftsmen, especially by the emperor, king and noble classes of the period. The motifs and patterns on the Bleu blanc were designed and produced according to the taste and aesthetic understanding of the emperors. Blue-white porcelain designed with inspiration from figures and characters in Asian mythology has inspired overseas cultures.

China porcelain

In the 14th century, the technical and decorative elements used in ironwork in Iran were effective in the blue blancs produced in China. However, despite this interaction, the Chinese porcelains of the period became the center of attention of the world. Today, Blue-Blancs are applied on porcelain with stencil or transfer printing technique. Original blue blancs follow a longer and more difficult production process.

Blue cobalt pigment is one of the rare pigments that can withstand the high temperature necessary in cooking porcelain. Historically, many other colors required over-glaze decoration followed by a second firing at a lower temperature to process it. These original blue blancs, where patterns are drawn on porcelain with a brush, are not often used in today's technologies.

The use of Blue Blanc in interior decoration

You can easily combine blue-and-white porcelain vases and cubes, which have become a popular decoration trend and almost create a trend in interior design, with your vibrant green plants and indoor trees.

In addition to being exhibited on parquet, carpet, coffee table and dresuar, you can choose Blue Blancs to create a more elegant and stylish look in your table decorations. You can combine blue and white with any other color you will use on your table.

When blue, the color of peace, comes together with white, it will provide peace and bring the cool beach breeze to your home and interior spaces. Do not hesitate to reflect the centuries-old tradition in the elegant aesthetics and fine lines of blue blanc patterns and motifs to your home decorations!

You can choose antique blue blanc plates to decorate your walls as well as your dinner tables! Reflect your refined design taste to your home decoration with blue and white porcelain plates that you place on your walls with symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements!

Get different combinations by placing colorful flowers in blue blanc porcelain vases that will increase the energy of your home. There is no right or wrong in interior decoration and design. It is enough to rely on your imagination and personal tastes to be happy in your interior. Reflect your inner peace to the decoration as you wish!


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