During the design process of the interior of a building, many factors need to be considered. For starters, the interior design needs to be suitable for the usage of the space all while keeping the esthetics and technical needs in check. This means that the space should have an appealing look to the eye while having functional features for the purpose of the building. During this process, of course the economical restrains of the client shouldn’t be overlooked by the interior designer. To sum it up, an interior designers job would be to complete a design by combining the needs of the space, the technical possibilities and the esthetic look, all to please the client.

An interior designer must consider visual, tactile and auditory influences while completing a design. Does the interior look pleasing to the eye? Does it evoke the wanted feeling? Are there enough textures to make the space three dimensional? Is there any unwanted eco? Those are only some of the nuances an interior designer should be considering.

The space in question could be a residence, hotel, school, hospital, social building, historical building, cafe, restaurant, an office or even a store.

Every space, has a personality. Every client, is looking for a different and a unique feel. The character of a space can be achieved by the use of certain furniture styles, textures and even features such as lighting. Unlike the classic preconceived opinions, an interior designers job is much more than just placing furniture. They must be aware of all the factors that go into making a regular space, into something with character.

Spaces that serve different purposes should be designed accordingly, the design must be functional for the use of the space. Achieving this, without losing the pleasing esthetic is once again the job of an interior designer.

As a result of the wrong use of materials, the interior can have an unwanted feel. That is why it is crucial for the designer to correctly mold all of the factors. Every aspect should fall into its place and the interior should have an organic feel to it. This responsibility once again falls onto the shoulders of the interior designer who should be familiar with different materials as a working medium.

As established before, many different aspects are incorporated into an interior design. And many different materials are used. There are many popular materials that take place in this process. Furniture, wallpaper, lighting and curtains only being some of the most common ones.

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