February 2018


When you hear the word “office,” you imagine a busy schedule and rooms with sharp lines, right? We think it is time to change that. Wellness-concept offices with elements of a healthy lifestyle are already being used in Europe, and it is expected that they will become widespread in our country as well. Banu Altay, the founding partner of Sia Moore Architecture, emphasized that this change, which will eventually increase employee awareness, will start in executives’ offices and that masculine colors and lines will be replaced by rounder furnitures with cream and light green tones. Altay also explains that the main components of the wellness-concept are mirrors and that they will also become abundant in office spaces. It is known that these materials present people with an opportunity to observe themselves and help prevent posture and sitting-related issues and weight gain. According to Altay, other components of the concept are an shared organic snack bar space, a number of cosmetic products in their restrooms, bio-design walls furnished with real plants, common resting spots that utilize bird and water sounds, a spa service that offers massages on certain days of the week, exercise areas and technologies to increase indoor air quality. Other elements that might be added to office spaces are VR gaming rooms, remote-controlled car races, drone photography contests, personal plant growing and even pet feeding spots.

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