Aysha Yasam

April 2018

Homes that Wake Up as Nature Does Too

As nature renews itself the arrival of spring, it also invigorates our inner worlds. This invigoration naturally extends to our surroundings as well. Our closets, ourselves, our home decorations… Everything is already undergoing a change as does nature. But how is this change going to be reflected on this year’s decorations?


The spring equinox, a day when day and night are the same length, marks the beginning of the nature’s invigoration and is a cause for celebration everywhere. In Turkish culture, Hıdırellez is the symbol of new life that comes into being with spring. It marks the revival of joy of life, it is the festival of blossoming into nature. In Japanese culture, “Cherry Blossom” (Sakura) symbolizes the magical welcoming of spring by the cherry trees and the celebration of a new beginning in life.

In Indian culture, Holi is a traditional colorful festival when Indian people celebrate the waking up of mother nature and the arrival of springtime as they wish for peace, happiness and tranquility.

It is possible to reflect this widely celebrated magnificent spring equinox onto our homes as well. It is in our hands to create the joy of life for ourselves, albeit in small doses, and beautify our living spaces. Here are the 2018 spring decoration trends and hints:

You can match the pastel tones on gelato color palettes to your liking and boldly paint your walls different shades. These soft colors that ooze serenity will come to life with your furniture and accessories, and uplift the energy of your living space.

We generally came across geometric patterns in home textile, pillow and carpet designs last year. This year, we will keep running into them on artwork-like wallpaper designs and different surfaces such as 3D ceramics.

A color trend that acts as the antidote to pastel tones is indigo. This color generally has a very strong expressive ability, so it becomes crucial which color combinations you use it with. Some recommended combinations for the spring are as follows: an indigo grandfather chair with wooden legs that is ornate with white ethnic motifs, white cotton pillows, straw mat and accessories, ceramic vases.

The metallic trend of the last few years is now replaced by golden surfaces. The most sophisticated and organic golden tones of the metallic color palette are brass and copper. We encounter golden details, which are softer and much more elegant than silver, on hanging lights, mirror frames, door knobs and furniture handles.

Green was chosen “The Color of 2017” by Pantone, and it still is influential as is the case every year. Green plants with large leaves and prints with tropical patterns, with their energizing effects, will continue to enrich living spaces and get us ready for the summer.

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