The lavish luxury of the Mondrian
Doha Hotel

Johannes van Graan - 19 September, 2019
Homify (Mondrian Doha Hotel)

The breathtaking lobby

Lobby - Mondrian Doha

Sia Moore Architectural International is a dedicated and professional architectural firm founded by architect Banu Altay in 2009. Since opening its doors, the firm has completed a wealth of top-notch projects for high-level companies and clients, with every project exquisitely committing to the client’s unique and specific wants and needs, regardless of whether it’s a private palace, a sophisticated mansion, a six-star international hotel, or something equally impressive.

One look at Sia Moore’s growing portfolio will reveal a widespread selection of projects detailing architectural structures, interior designs, fit-outs, and many more. And today we get to sneak a peek at one such impressive project: the Mondrian Doha Hotel in Doha, Qatar, a 6750 m² space that is the epitome of luxury and Sia Moore’s signature project in Qatar.

Teaming up with the professionals of Dutchman Marcel Wanders (for the interior designs), Sia Moore took charge of the majority of the hotel’s architectural side.

For the lobby, a chiffon-white colour palette goes to great lengths to make the already spacious area seem even more expansive. Eye-catching curvy designs tower towards the ceiling, selectively scattered in-between the separate seating areas. And let's not overlook the astounding chandeliers dangling high above the seating zones, ensuring the right amount of dazzle.

The Rise Bar

For the Rise Bar, located on the 27th floor, there is much more than simply stunning cityscape views to wow guests. An exciting burst of colour sets this socialising space apart from the neutral-hued lobby, most notably in the hand-painted glass dome ceiling.

Monochrome is the name of the colour game for the walls and floors, both for the upstairs seating area (where a delightful scattering of red-hot seats make for an eye-catching presentation) and the downstairs one by the pools.

Elegant crystal chandeliers, curved wall coverings, and handmade copper floor lighting fixtures all contribute to the interior design look that’s perfectly nestled in-between elaborate and elegant.

The Morimoto Restaurant

The famous Japanese restaurant chain, Morimoto, is where hotel guests and visitors can get their fix of delicious and eye-catching culinary creations. But even here is where Sia Moore took charge of the designs to ensure a most exceptional visual experience for all. Every single detail (from the floors to the walls, and from the wooden furnishings to the marble bar) was inspired by Japanese temples.

A burst of lighting is most prominent above the circular seating areas, thanks to a stylish spread of handmade copper Japanese lanterns. Silk wallpaper coats the divider wood panels separating the various seating / dining spaces, and copper mirror wall panels and decorative works, courtesy of Hiroshi Senju and Mozart Guerra, aim to inspire and intrigue every diner through every meal.

Morimoto Teriyaki Bar

The Moonstone Ballroom

The lavish factor is enhanced spectacularly for the majestic Moonstone Ballroom, with a series of deluxe designs competing for guests’ attention.

There’s the handmade patterned carpet flaunting blues, golds, and reds; velvet drapes in complementary colours cascading downward from the high ceilings; giant domes built into the ceiling containing breathtaking chandeliers; tall wooden doors with special hand-crafted motifs; a zig-zag staircase in a supreme white-and-gold palette allowing all to make a dashing entrance to the dancing space below; etc.

Moonstone Ballroom Stairs


Even the private spaces of the hotel flaunt must-see designs. Case in point, this dark and elegant restroom which expertly lights up a moody black palette via modern lighting fixtures, golden sinks, illuminated mirrors, and shiny faucets.

Allow us to treat you to a visual feast of some more images that detail this unforgettable project with its most exceptional designs…

Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors Wall

Sky House

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