The brilliance of the Bosphorus City Villa
by Sia Moore

Johannes van Graan - 27 November, 2019
Homify (Bosphorus City Villa)

Timeless elegance

The gorgeous living room

Istanbul-based Sia Moore Architectural International was founded in 2009 by architectural professional Banu Altay. With a passion for design and a commitment to excellence, the firm quickly evolved into one of the country’s top-notch architectural geniuses. Today, Sia Moore Architectural International operates as an international brand and continues to expand on a portfolio detailing a wealth of deluxe projects – one of which we are most fortunate to view in detail today.

The Bosphorus City Villa is located in Istanbul and flaunts a not-too-shabby area layout of 420,00 m². Designed for a private client, this residential structure is the epitome of luxury and is not afraid to show its love for extravagance.

Let’s discover a few key areas of this magnificent build while becoming positively green with envy.

Even first impressions are breathless, thanks to the opulent space and style of the main entryway. The classic style, here present in all its glory, is enhanced brilliantly with gold trimmings and dazzling finishes. And it was also inspired by the traditional houses situated beside the Bosphorus Sea.

To ensure top-notch comfort for the residents, separate living spaces were built for all family members. As a result, the finished design flaunts a light and spacious ambience that goes fabulously well with the classic ottoman lines and patterns.

The main aim of the living room was to present an open space where the entire family, and their guests, could socialise, entertain and relax to their hearts’ content. And while this open-plan living area is also decorated in the classic style, other parts of the house (such as the bar and private home theatre) bring a much more contemporary vibe to the villa.

As this project was certainly a one-of-a-kind opportunity, the professionals at Sia Moore took the liberty to design the traditional ottoman motifs and Islamic prints scattered throughout the house.

Enhancing this eye-catching detail is the wealth of furniture and décor, where one can easily distinguish elegant and neo-classical pieces. Top-notch professionals and the finest materials were used to hand craft all furnishings, and the silk carpets were ordered straight out of Usak, Turkey.

The kitchen

For the heart of this opulent home, a touch of warmth is added to the colour palette. Yet a variety of finishes and details are present to keep that lavish classic look alive, such as the striking ceiling chandelier and gold-trimmed cabinetry.

The master suite

For a royal night's sleep, the master suite (which resembles a fairytale throne) is pure perfection.

Shall we continue to discover the rest of this wow-worthy creation?

Master Bedroom

The private home theatre

Guest Bedroom

For some low-key relaxation, a private home theatre awaits. Here, the contemporary style comes to life and furnishings and decorations quickly take on a more linear look while also focusing more on the absence of space than stuff.

Bar Area

Turkish Bath

Of course these lavish ottoman-inspired interiors would not be complete without a private spa. And as per the client’s request, a relaxation space (inspired by the traditional Turkish bath style hammam) was added to the final design, complete with Turkish Marmara grey marble and custom-designed Turkish tiles made by hand.

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