The luxurious style of Sitak Villa
by Sia Moore

JOHANNES VAN GRAAN - 20 March, 2020

Istanbul-based Sia Moore Architectural International was founded in 2009 by architectural professional Banu Altay. Fully committed to excellence and functional spaces from day one, the Sia Moore Architectural International team quickly became one of the country’s most professional and esteemed architectural companies. Today, the firm’s portfolio showcases a rich collection of awe-inspired designs that includes everything from private palaces and multiple-storey mansions to 5-star hotels and ultra glamorous resorts.

Today’s inspirational piece, taken from the Sia Moore Architectural International portfolio, is no exception. Let’s discover the fantastic Sitak Villa located in Suleymaniyah, Iraq.

One grand design

Coming in at a not-bad-at-all 1,500 m², the Sitak Villa presents no fewer than six spacious living rooms, five kitchens, nine master bedrooms (which include fitting rooms and en-suite bathrooms enhanced by aesthetic and ergonomic design solutions), an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a billiard room, plus a private indoor cinema.

Part of the appeal of this super luxurious project is the fact that it adopts a mixed style of classical-traditional elements combined with a modern-contemporary feel. That also firmly enhances the functionality of each and every space.

Carefully selected touches

Depending on the function of the specific area, each zone’s finishing materials and colour options were carefully selected to evoke an elegant, luxurious vibe.

And as the client is part of a big family, accommodation spaces had to be roomy and welcoming, affording each family member his/her own personal space and various lounging areas.

Fully functional spaces

Deluxe designs aside, the main function of each and every space was always kept in mind throughout the project. Obviously this meant that the intended use of the space always had to be as comfortable as possible, placing an important emphasis on the particular materials and finishes chosen for every room.

Case in point, this ultra elegant dining room which offers up comfortable seating, elegant lighting, and more than adequate legroom for hosts and guests to comfortably move around as desired.

Enhanced detail

This is not just your average little get-together home.

The entire space had to be completely acceptable for VIP use, which means that even the tiniest of details (like this bedroom's layout, its commitment to storage, its range of deluxe accessories scattered about, its access to the outdoor entertaining zones, etc.) had to be carefully considered right from the start.

Lots of potential for lots of space

Designed to host a strong number of guests at any time, the villa even provides segregated majlises for men and women, as well as “hobby rooms” and a gym. As if that weren’t enough, the villa’s garden was designed in order to have various social spaces for relaxation and dining – large enough to accommodate no fewer than 500 guests for a variety of events.

Ready to see a few more visuals that further speak of the amazing Sitak Villa?

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