A spacious Neo-Classical palace with a deluxe attitude
by Sia Moore


Since the day Sia Moore Architectural International was founded back in 2009 (by architectural professional Banu Altay), the firm has gone from strength to strength in the architectural / interior design industries. Completely committed to first-class style, one only has to take a look at the Sia Moore Architectural International portfolio in order to see 5-star designs that range from residential homes (or mansions), boutique hotels, private palaces, and other equally impressive social spaces.

Located in İstanbul, Sia Moore Architectural International operates as an international brand and continues to impress, regardless of the scope, size, or location of the project at hand.

So, what project from this prestigious company are we checking out today? Well, it is called ‘The Majidi Palace’ and it is located in Erbil / Iraq. Flaunting a not-bad-at-all layout of 2550 m², this luxurious structure is coated in the Neo-Classical style on all three of its glorious floors.

The inviting (and super deluxe) entryway

Honestly, when was the last time you were welcomed into such a graceful, super stylish entryway? Crisp and clean colours, lines and features extend from the floors to the high ceilings, creating quite a powerful ambience – and this is before we’ve even explored the rest of this fantastic structure.

For this project, the team decided to place a spa area and a striking living space (paired with open areas for billiard games and gym) on the basement floor. As per the client’s request, all of the interiors were kept spacious and clean cut in order to achieve a fresh and welcoming vibe, regardless of which room you happen to find yourself in.

From the basement, we travel one floor up toward the ground area where we locate:

• A Majilis for men,

• a Majilis for women,

• a formal dining room,

• a formal living room

• a living room,

• a dining room,

• a daily living room,

• a main kitchen,

• and a hot kitchen.

The more private zones

Of course even super spacious mansions and palaces need to abide by some simple design rules for practical purposes (such as placing the more private areas of a home, like bedrooms and bathrooms, away from the louder, more sociable zones). And that’s why we locate, on the first floor, spaces committed to accommodation and relaxation such as:

• Two master bedrooms
• A living room
• Four additional bedrooms (each with their own personal closet and bathroom).

Something pink and light

We just had to single out this immaculate bedroom design. Intended for a girl, this room presents a very soft and subtle design thanks to a creative combination of colours, materials (how lush does that oversized rug look?), and finishes.

Our favourite piece here? Undoubtedly that upholstered bench (complete with tufted background resembling a very large headboard) that's surrounded by an interesting combo of books, plants, toys, and other keepsakes. Now that's a bookworm's dream space right there!

Let’s get lost in some more flawlessly designed rooms in the rest of this astonishing palace, shall we?

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