The 800 m² Neoclassical mansion
by Sia Moore

JOHANNES VAN GRAAN - 09 Ocak, 2020
Homify (German Village)

A Neoclassical masterpiece

Sia Moore Architectural International has been putting quite the luxurious spin on architectural designs since it was founded back in 2009 by architectural professional Banu Altay. Firmly dedicated to elite excellence, this architectural company, which is located in İstanbul, quickly developed an eye-catching portfolio detailing everything from private palaces and mansions to hotels and social spaces. Thus, it is no wonder that Sia Moore Architectural International operates as an international brand and continues to impress, regardless of the scope, size, or location of the project at hand.

So, what can we expect from these architectural professionals today? A project entitled ‘German Village’ that is the epitome of deluxe living and located in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

An open and airy style

Luxurious decorations throughout

The ground floor is where the social, active spaces are located. Spaces which include the living room, dining room, kitchens, as well as a bedroom with its own personal en-suite bathroom.

As noted by the super open living room, the ground floor is meant for socialising and relaxing while enjoying an airy and luxurious ambience.

Of course this project is not just about spaciousness – elegance also features strongly throughout. As per the client’s requests, a soft colour palette is spread throughout the interiors. To combat a monotone look, different aspects, designs, touches and patterns were included. However, there’s no denying the luxurious materials popping up in furniture pieces, architectural structures and décor accessories, creatively chosen so that every space is as functional and practical as possible.


The second floor

What awaits us on the second floor? No fewer than three bedrooms with their personal dressing rooms and bathrooms, a master suite, home office, an extra living room, as well as a unique Turkish bath (a must-have feature if you really want to live the high life).

A vital aspect of this project was to ensure that every family member had their own private space to enjoy when needed. And with 800 m² room to spare, that proved to be no problem at all!

A tranquil ambience


Thanks to the light colour palettes, the interior ambience is one of elegant calmness. That is not only meant for the public spaces of the house, but also the very private ones, including the very luxurious dressing rooms. Notice how those off-whites and creamy tones conjure up a soft and welcoming vibe while elegant touches (like that dazzling chandelier and super cushy floor rug) reign throughout.

Let’s sneak a peek at some more rooms that these very fortunate residents will get to enjoy on a daily basis…

Turkish Bath

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