Decoration will focus on coziness and wellness this year

According to Banu Altay, who is known for her architectural projects, this year’s home decoration trend will be warm checkered patterns and office decoration trend will shift towards working spaces with a wellness-concept that promise health to the employees.

Banu Altay, a successful implementer of global architectural trends in Turkey and the Middle East, stated that checkered fabrics, which were historically produced in Scotland for protection against the freezing colds will become a trend in 2018. Altay said that "The checkered fabric which became the symbol of Scottish clans in time was a status symbol in line with the fabric's colors and texture. The oldest example of checkered fabric is from 3,000 years ago, which was found in 1985 by archaeologist Dolkun Kamberi during an excavation performed in the town of Cherchen located in the western part of China. It still maintained its popularity in the 19th century in many aspects of design, including the world of fashion. And today, it is highly likely to be used more frequently in homes.”

Banu Altay stated that checkered fabrics can be used to provide a cozy and natural home environment and added: “Home decoration samples with checkered patterns create the feel of a comfortable, warm and peaceful environment. But of course, as is always the case, one should not exaggerate the use of checkered patterns. You can prefer checkered patterns in certain areas, in designs that you wish to highlight and make a difference. A single armchair, chair, sofa cushion or pillows can introduce the checkered pattern to your home in a balanced manner.

As a matter of fact, we come across checkered patterns in sofa sets, throws and covers often. In 2018, we will see an increase in the use of checkered patterns across the house. Tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains and even wallpapers will make use of this historical pattern more.” In addition to changes in home decoration, Altay also mentioned that 2018 will bring along a transition from masculine designs to softer lines in office spaces and that the wellness concept will become a trend.

Mimar Banu Altay

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